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Psytax is a decentralized system
designed to revolve asset for
different users

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We Are Psytax

Psytax is a decentralized system designed to revolve asset for different users and different use cases coupled with cooperative social empowerment of its members through leverage on blockchain-based ecosystem, the platform is designed to connect people (developers and providers) worldwide, improving member's welfares, finance, employment, payment exchanges, transfers and confirmation for a single purpose of collective empowerment and growth. Psytax uses a novel approach in raising capitals for tokens. The token helps to revolutionize the ICO in the cryptoecosystem.


What We Do


Project Design

The psytax project is built on two basic foundational components: real life private contracts and cooperative social initiative (Psytax cooperative society PCS in conjunction with FCPA). The basic purpose of the project is to use the blockchain technology to empower and protect its member’s interests, welfare and developments.


This project was developed by a team incorporated beneath the family center for poverty alleviation (FCPA) whose aim was to improve family’s welfare and alleviation from poverty. FCPA is a nongovernmental organization registered with the companies’ affairs commission with reg: CAC/IT/NO31066.


This aspect of the project involves members leading out PSYTAX acquired to the project ranging from certain limited amount from 100PSYtax and above for a period of 30days or above. The members in mention here receive a weekly ROI of 10% on their deposits or psycoin given back to the project. The purpose here is to create demand through cooperative empowering of each member thereby providing development to members without relying on the normal convention of buying low selling high. Psytax deposited will be used for empowerment within members through ROI. However to participate in cooperative social initiative member will have to deposit registration fees of 20PSYTAX (subjected to changes). In order to reduce transaction fees for distributing reward a minimum withdrawal rate will be announced as times goes on. However the first 20,000 members to sign up and participate will receive 0.0001-0.001waves daily including other tokens we form partnership with for a month. However for members to participate in CSI, apart from the registration fee members most hold at least 100psycoin. In other words members must have at least 120psycoin out of which 20psycoin is for registration fees while 100psycoin is for control fees all of which is subjected to changes.

Psytax Tokens

ICO date: 2-31st May, 2018.
0.006btc for 600psytax
0.003btc for 300psytax

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